Coming for PC Spring 2017

Adding realism to games

Project Life features a massive procedural world which has up to 100 creatures roaming around, each with their own AI, their own attributes, their own life! On the outside the world has hills, trees, various creatures and Ufo's! Watch out for the Ufo's as these drop aliens down who are on the look out for new resources themselves, although, if you have the weaponry, why not take out an alien and see what futuristic weapons it drops...


If you feel up to it, you could venture down to the underworld, many new and dangerous creatures lurk here and so do many new mystical items from better armour, weapons to materials to allow other items to be crafted.


Maybe you don't want to adventure to the depths of hell and just want to build on the land outside, take it easy and just watch the world evolve around you. Project Life is your world, your sandbox, the world evolves, creatures grow old and like real life, time moves on.


Vehicles can be found and used, creatures can even use them such as rockets! Will you discover fast travel by means of teleportations, trains, lifts and mine carts? Maybe you will discover or make a jetpac to take you to the skies?


Project Life is surrounded by other procedural planets, each with their own resources and creatures and new discoveries but, how will you get to them?...


Other features being added to the game which will be included in February release:


  1. Instruments
  2. Item connections to make other items
  3. Big monsters
  4. Quick builds (houses, bridges...)
  5. Fire
  6. Crop growing
  7. Clocks
  8. Battle Arena
  9. Light creature bugs
  10. Blood water
  11. Healing water
  12. More biomes
  13. Pets
  14. Shops


As the game progresses we will be working on more updates, the biggest being multi-player and lots more NPC quests.


Lots of secrets exist in this world of Project Life, time and effort is your strongest weapon, go forth adventurer and enjoy life, that is life in...Project Life.