Coming for PC Spring 2017



Q. When is the game out?


The game is due for Alpha release on PC first quarter of 2017 as long as the game gets the green light,

only you can make this happen.


Q. What is the name of the game?


Project Life


Q. What platforms does it release on?


First release will be on PC, then Linux/Mac


Q. How big is the world?


This is dependent on memory. The more memory your PC has, the bigger the worlds,

but a small world is 3 miles wide by 3 miles deep and requires little memory.


Q. Is the world generated procedurally?


Yes. All of the world including and its inhabitants including creatures, vehicles and planets are.


Q. Does the game have a story line?


The game is yours to make, to do whatever, to survive but there are NPC's in the game who will

give you quests to do. Future updates will include lots of new quest content.


Q. How many creatures are there in the world?


On first release there will be 105 creatures, all with different names, ages and other attributes.

Creatures like real life, grow older in the game, they take on a life of their own, they make enemies,

friends and some even set up shop or fly off to one of the many other planets in the game.


Q. Is there fast travel in the game with the maps being so large?

Of course, you can make teleporters, use lift shafts or vehicles.


Q. Are there houses in the game or do I need to build my own?


You can build houses yourself or even find one and occupy it - although you may

need to kill the occupants in it first!